Want to Make Money Selling Cards?

Hey there Go Local member, how are you?

Did you know that selling Go Local cards will give you a 100% return on your investment?

While most loyalty programs will charge you a monthly fee for participating in their program, Go Local Austin is giving you an option to make money.  If you just sold 30 cards a month, or just a card a day, you would make $2,700 in a year!  Here are some simple and effective tips on selling the card:

Come on, Get Carded!

– ask every customer at checkout if they would like their Go Local discount
– offer incentives to your employees to sell the card and promote your business
– display window clings, register toppers and guides in prominent locations
– join our e-commerce program that allows you to sell cards online
– be sure to check expiration dates on the cards

when you order or reorder cards, we’ll promote your name and info on our social media sites with over 50,000 followers, in our newsletter and on our website!

Contact us today if you need to order more cards or have any questions: info@golocalaustin.com


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