Support Local?

So, shopping locally and supporting independent businesses has hit mainstream. American Express promotes a Shop Local Saturday, and Groupon featured this commercial on last Sunday’s Super Bowl. Yes, this ad is amusing, funny, but support local businesses? Is that what Groupon does?

According to (,
“There are dozens of businesses that have been all but ruined from their Groupon deals…
It could dismantle your loyal customer base. It could lead to the degeneration of your brand identity.
Weighing the negatives means actively looking for them. Unfortunately for Jesse, owner of Posies Bakery and Café, she didn’t see it coming. Her Groupons made her lose money to the point where she could hardly afford her expenses.”
A local business owner must ask herself or himself:
• Are you willing to replace your customer base with one-time-only coupon holders for the entire time they’re valid?
• Are you willing to trade in loyal customers for customers who are loyal to Groupon, and will probably hunt for the next deal once yours is over?
• Are you willing to sacrifice some brand loyalty for mass promotion?

Would you even be able to try out a Groupon if you knew the true expense was at the potential failure or a local business?
Local businesses build strong neighborhoods in a grassroots fashion – by sustaining communities, connecting people, contributing more to local causes, hiring local residents for most (if not all) employment positions, and relying on other local sources and services.
When You Spend Local, it Stays Local
Your dollars spent in locally-owned businesses have three times the impact on your community as money spent at national chains. When you shop local, you simultaneously create jobs, fund more city services through sales tax, invest in neighborhood improvement, and promote community development.

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