Just some old fashioned, good customer service

Good customer service plays a critical role in the success of many local businesses in Austin, whether they be restaurants, service providers, or retailers.  The experience a customer has with a businesses’ staff will largely affect the consumers’ experience and whether they walk away satisfied, wanting to come back, or dissatisfied and reluctant to visit again. You could have the best food in town, but if your wait staff is not engaging and treating the customer with excellent service, your bottom line will suffer. Here are some great reminders from a recent article in Fastcompany (7 customer service lessons from the best Uber driver ever) that will help keep your local Austin biz thrive:

1. Make a 10-second offer, then confirm the deal
An Uber driver in Toronto so well shows, the first impression matters. From the outset, service providers should show they’re in the “high-service game” and aim to please. For example, uber drive After Vish confirms his passenger’s name and destination, he always asks, “Do you have enough room back there?” while actually moving his seat up. Within 10 seconds he’s able to show–not tell–that he’s in the high-service game using a repeatable method to demonstrate this quickly.
After Vish moves his seat up, he says, “It will take 11 minutes to get to your destination. Does this sound good to you?” The purpose of the question is to establish the service being offered and find out if the passenger is in a rush. If they are, he’ll work hard to shave even a minute or two off the arrival time. If not, he knows the offering has been crystallized by both sides. The deal is confirmed.
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2. You set your own standards every day
Set the bar high for you or your employee, no matter what the task. If it’s to clean the bar, then clean it the best you can. How an individual treats any task will dictate how well someone will succeed in business and in customer service.

3. It’s always the customer’s first time
We all want repeat businesses. Loyalty is the name of the game, for it is far less expensive to keep a loyal customer than to gain a new one. While a Go Local Austin discount will incentivize a customer’s return, the initial experience (and every one after that) must be satisfactory. The customer needs to feel unique and special every visit, even if they have been coming every week for the last year. Giving a customer your full attention and appreciation lets them know that you care.
4. Give the task to the “yes” part of your brain
Consider the book, The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz. He contends the “the human brain is like a factory  with two foremen: one is a ‘no man’ and the other is a ‘yes man’ . . . If you give the job to the ‘no man,’ your own mind will start finding logic and reasons to prove how can’t you do this job.” It’s easy to come up with excuses as to why you can’t succeed at tasks. Try to task the “yes” part of the brain that possesses that can-do attitude and let him/her run the show.

5. We buy with all senses
Create a space that inspires all the senses.  You know – don’t put a trash can by the front door, consider spraying a gentle, natural air freshener that does not overwhelm.  Think about what playlist you’ll be featuring, and what art and aesthetics you have in your place.  It matters; it sets a tone for your staff and your customers.

6. Know your customer spectrum and enjoy what you do

It’s important to know your market and what your client base wants. Check out your revenues, identify who is coming to your business and use social media and other marketing means for reaching out and rewarding them.

Most of all, it’s important to find joy in what you do. It may not be your dream job, or what you’d set out to do. But, if you do something well, you will experience satisfaction at a job well done. At Go Local Austin, we truly enjoy meeting and working with local businesses, and interacting with consumers who believe in the importance of shopping locally and preserving Austin’s independent spirit.

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