Have you ever had the flu twice in 6 weeks?

Have you ever had the flu twice in 6 weeks?
My daughter and I have. Quite honestly, I didn’t realize we could catch it twice in a season, but apparently there are several brutal strains circulating through our community this season. According to the CDC and business insider’s reporting, “this year’s flu is putting more people in the hospital than ever before.” That’s a scary statement, especially when it seems that this is happening to otherwise healthy individuals.
The H3N2 strain that’s causing most sicknesses is proving especially difficult for vaccine-makers to fight. A Canadian study out in January suggests that this year’s egg-based vaccine is likely less than 20% effective. I did not get the vaccine, nor did my daughter, and she spent several miserable nights with fevers and stomach aches.

When I felt the flu coming on the second time around, I immediately began taking the usual vitamin C, D and other vitamins I’ve heard recommended for colds. My caring mother brought by some oscillococcinum that she picked up from Peoples Pharmacy (5% Off wellness, OTC & deli, as well as free or reduced health screenings). If you do not have someone to deliver vitamins and prescriptions to you, check out VMC Pharmacy. They are a full spectrum, full service compounding pharmacy offering free delivery in the Austin Area. They also happen to be Go Local members, and give 10% Off wellness items for cards purchased at there or 5% off wellness items for all cardholders.

I wondered whether to take Tamiflu since, ya know, we gotta keep working, gotta keep caring for the kids, gotta keep going. I googled all sorts of comments on Tamiflu, coming up with a very mixed review on the efficacy of the drug. But this statement in an article from Peoples Pharmacy struck me: “If the immune system goes into hyperdrive, it can lead to something called a cytokine storm. Inflammatory compounds made by the body can damage tissue throughout the respiratory tract. Other cells and organs can also be affected. When too many healthy cells die suddenly, the flu kills.”

Sold. Seemed like it was probably a better idea to give it a try than not to. And for me, it was a good decision. I felt a good deal of nausea and fatigue in the first few days, but managed to avoid the debilitating aches, sore throat and fevers. The flu season may not have quite peaked, but I’m pretty sure I have.



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