Go Local Celebrates 10 Years of supporting Austin’s local business community this Earth Day

This Earth Day will mark a decade of work for Go Local Austin. Founded in 2008 with the mission of supporting local businesses and rewarding the consumers who spend their money locally. We are committed to enhancing our community by by shifting where people choose to spend their money. Shoppers use their Go Local cards at over 400 participating businesses to save money every time they present their card at checkout. Our passion to nurture Austin’s unique and weird personality goes hand in hand with Earth Day, and preserving the environment. Localism reduces sprawl, automobile use, habitat loss, and water pollution. Independently owned businesses more often source local products, such as farm produce, and local services like legal, accounting, and advertising.

On April 21, 2018, Earth Day ATX will host thousands from the Austin Area and beyond who will come to learn about conservation and sustainable solutions, celebrate our love for the environment, and get connected to the best and most innovative green businesses and organizations. With family and friends, attendees explore rich, in-depth programming, exciting new activities and engaging exhibitions that allow them to discover new connections to the environment and environmental issues. Inspired by their experiences and interactions, participants are empowered to make new sustainable choices that enhance their lives while helping the planet.

The event will be held at Huston-Tillotson University, 900 Chicon St. and we are excited to have a booth there. Please come by and chat with us. We’d love to meet the great people of Austin who support the local community and environment. We will be raffling off some goodies, and selling some Go Local cards too. 10% of all proceeds will go to support a local environmental charity.

It’s amazing to be celebrating 10 years of supporting Austin businesses! The relationships we’ve formed with local business owners have been so rewarding and fulfilling. We can’t wait to see what’s in the years ahead. Please give some extra love to our eco-friendly businesses who go the extra length to help our environment. Check out some of the Green companies (link) that are part of Go Local Austin’s business network:

Rob Nash, Austin Aquaponics

Aquaponics Art – $25 Off a 100 plant system, $35 Off a 200 plant system
Rob Nash is the owner/operator of Austin Aquaponics.com and HannaLeigh Farm based out of Austin, Texas. He has been designing and implementing commercial scale aquaponic systems since 2007. Rob combined his years of hands on experience with training from Dr. Rakocy on the UVI model at Nelson & Pade aquaponics in 2010, to pioneer one of the first commercial operations to implement the popular, integrated or media-raft-hybrid commercial systems. Rob’s passion for and dedication to educating others about this industry has allowed him to become a sought-after source of knowledge in the southern region, where he has taught hundreds of students. His farm and aquaponic systems have been showcased on The Central Texas Gardener and InfoWars.com in 2013. He currently offers training workshops, consultation, and build/design of aquaponic systems for the beginner to advanced gardener, as well as commercial-minded Aquapon. Rob has been one of the original founding members of the Aquaponic Association, since its formation in 2011.

Austin Eco-Detail, Eco-friendly Mobile Car Wash

Austin ECO Detailing – 10% Off!
austin ECO detailing is an innovative, environmentally & social conscious company. We maintain an unwavering commitment to delivering stellar detailing results and world-class customer service each and every time. We use about 1-cup of water to wash a car and our products don’t harm our clients, our detailers, or the environment.

We’re passionate about making cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, boats, RVs, and motorcycles sparkle. Our clients include commercial property management firms, corporate clients, private owners, used car dealers, and transportation companies.
Austin Eco Network – Free EcoNews Subscription
The Austin EcoNetwork (AEN) is Austin’s only local environmental news source, connecting people to information, events, and resources related to Austin and the environment through our community website and weekly Austin EcoNewsletter. AEN began as a listserv in 2003, became a website in 2009 and added the EcoNewsletter in 2010. The website features Austin’s most comprehensive listing of green events on the EcoCalendar, blogs written by green thought leaders and a dedicated staff of journalism professionals, as well as a wide array of entertaining and educational podcasts.

Compost Pedallers – 1 Free month of Residential services, $25 Off First month of Commercial services
Compost Pedallers is a 100% bike-powered compost recycling program in Austin, TX that collects compostables from homes and businesses and pedals them directly to nearby urban farms and community gardens to grow more local food.
Our mission is to build a more vibrant Austin community by reducing waste, strengthening our local food system, and re-connecting neighbors to each other and the places that they live through more sustainable practices. All without burning a single drop of fossil fuel!

Ecoclean NonToxic Garment Cleaning – $20 OFF first delivery or 15% OFF comforters
You buy organic food, but how natural is your dry cleaning? Most dry cleaners are still using industrial solvents to clean your clothes. Yikes! EcoClean’s non-toxic method cleans dry-clean-only garments using biodegradable soaps, conditioners, and pure, clean water.
Better For Austin & The Planet
Have you ever wondered what the heck DRYCLEANING is? It means cleaning clothes in chlorinated petroleum solvents, chemicals that pollute our air, water and soil. For many cleaners Austin is just where they do business. For the rest of us, it is where we live. We value our reputation as a responsible cleaning service in Austin, TX. That is why EcoClean is Austin’s most environmentally sustainable choice for cleaning dry-clean-only garments.


EcoMama – $20 Off First Cleaning
At Eco-Mama Holistic Housecleaning LLC we stay true to our name and take a Holistic approach in our business model. Our company began with one Eco-Mama and is growing everyday. All our Eco-Mama’s take pride in their work and come to know and love the homes they clean. We start by paying our workers a great living wage. We know first hand what hard work housecleaning is! We provide the cleaners with supportive and in depth training to give them the confidence and skills to clean a home in the most conscious way possible. Then we provide them with top quality supplies and non-toxic biodegradable products so that they are able to do their job without hassle of cheap supplies or toxic chemicals. Our teams take pride in their work and look forward to going to their job each day. You will feel the difference in the depth of cleaning that our company provides compared to most other cleaning services.Upon a free consultation we will create a manual for your home so that when your team arrives they know all the ins and outs of your home even before they begin!

Details are important and we are dedicated to the details. We use all non-toxic cleaning supplies and Miele HEPA-filtered vacuums. We also use all organic essential oils when cleaning your tubs, floors and sinks. We love feedback and we are always available to talk if you have questions or requests. If you are ready for a truly spa-like house cleaning experience then you are ready for us!

Reusable Diapers, Natural Baby Company

Natural Baby Company – 5% OFF (excludes car-seats, strollers & furniture) + an ADDITIONAL 15% off clearance items!
515 South Congress Ave.
Our promise at The Natural Baby Company is to provide products that are the highest quality, healthy, and environmentally friendly to parents throughout the world. We strive to empower our employees and customers with the knowledge necessary to make a positive impact on the planet through natural parenting.

What began as Montana’s Diaper Store, an online retail site operating out of founder Kim Ormsby’s laundry room, has quickly grown into the inspiration that would revolutionize the natural parenting industry. In 2008, Kim created a line of eco-friendly parenting products to solve the daily issues parents face while nurturing their babies, and developed The Natural Baby Company.
The Natural Baby Company found great success, particularly with the 2009 launch of GroVia, a modern, eco-friendly diapering system that took the market by storm. Since the launch of GroVia, the system has changed many lives. It compelled us to grow as a company. It pushed us to grow as families. It’s forced us to grow as parents. And it gave us the opportunity to grow our babies into healthy, mindful children.

Healthy Helping Hands
Healthy Helping Hands

Healthy Helping Hands – $10 OFF First Home Cleaning / $5 Thereafter
Healthy Helping Hands, an Austin native environmentally green cleaning company. At Healthy Helping Hands we go out of our way to keep our clients happy with a conscious thought of health, the environment, and all around well being of ourselves and those around us, by using all natural environmentally green and chemical free cleaning products to cleanse your sacred space. We strive to make our clients lives easier by providing an outstanding, efficient, trustworthy, and conscious cleaning service to our fellow Austin-ites and beyond. We are fully equipped for residential and commercial cleans, move out cleans, real estate make readies, one time cleans, bi-weekly, and monthly visits. We also offer deep cleans and organizational services. Other sorts of specialty cleans can be arranged as well.

At Healthy Helping Hands we promote natural living and purity by cleaning with our own handcrafted cleaning products and others on the market that are made with natural plant based ingredients and purifying essential oils. Our mission is to provide an excellent cleaning service while using natural chemical free products to promote a healthier more conscious lifestyle. With conservation, recycling, and a soft impact on the environment in mind we constantly integrate these efforts into our work and everyday lives. At Healthy Helping Hands we reduce, reuse, and recycle whatever we can as a real action towards protecting the environment.

Treehouse – 5% OFF
4477 South Lamar Blvd.
TreeHouse is built upon the idea that all homes should be sustainable, beautiful, and healthy. We bring progressive products, great design, human-centered services, and leading edge technology together under one roof.

For our most pressing environmental and human health challenges, all roads lead to the home. The home consumes the highest amount of our natural resources, such as water and energy, produces the largest amount of landfill waste, and is where we will be exposed to the greatest number of toxins in our lifetime. By working to solve these problems, TreeHouse finds new routes to dramatically change the quality of our lives. We can build better shelters for ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

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