Go Local is a family-owned and operated local Austin business that has been serving the Austin community since 2008. Founder Bob Tuschak was a devoted community organizer and city planner who was passionate about preserving Austin’s vibrant local community. Today, Bob’s daughters, Jaya and Gabrielle continue to operate Go Local, honoring their father’s vision


Founder Robert Tuschak earned a degree in art history from Rutgers University and cultivated a lifelong interest in architecture (and city planning.) design with a particular focus on cities. After college, he spent two years in the Peace Corps in Tanzania, returned home to teach in Bedford Stuyvesant, NY, and became convinced that urban renaissance and renewal were urgently required. Bob began to study planned communities that addressed the decline of downtown occurring across America. He soon found success as a developer, desiring to build towns and villages that revive human skills necessary to construct viable holistic communities. Bob worked with Toll Brothers, Robert Hillier, Robert A.M. Stern and Gwathmey Segal on land and architectural projects.

Bob’s interest to nurture community continued with his next endeavor, the creation of The HomeTown Guide, a magazine which welcomed new residents to cities in five states with maps, local editorial content, and promotion of local businesses. Through his marketing work with these local businesses, Bob learned about their struggle to compete on an equal playing field with large national companies. As the publishing world changed, and with inspiration from books like Michael Shuman’s Small Mart Revolution, Bob realized that a local loyalty program would be more effective in supporting communities. Bob brought his considerable energy, experience and creative understanding of business to Austin, where with the help from his family, Go Local was launched on Earth Day 2008. Bob was a completely devoted and enthusiastic supporter of the local cause and its importance culturally and economically for cities. Bob’s empathy for businesses and entrepreneurs was genuine and heartfelt. It was one of the greatest satisfactions of Bob’s life to grow a company with a message and also a means for positive social gain. He was an inspiration to his wife and daughters who continue in their commitment to further the Go Local cause. We are inspired by the example of a life well lived, with courage, good spirits and grace in the face of obstacle.

Owner Gail Tuschak manages the day to day financial operations of Go Local and helps guide the development of the company. Prior to Go Local, Gail worked as chief writer and managing editor of The HomeTown Guide, a magazine she created with her husband Bob to welcome newcomers in communities in five states with maps, local editorial content and promotion of small local business.

Additionally, Gail was directly involved in the genesis of the Waldorf School of Princeton, NJ as a founding parent and enrollment coordinator. Gail and Bob raised three daughters: Jaya, Gabrielle, and Grace, and enjoys spoiling her four grandchildren. Gail is an avid reader and enjoys history, politics, baking, and knitting.

Co-Founder Gabrielle Tuschak learned many years ago from her father, Bob Tuschak, that supporting local business is fundamental to the vitality of a community. To champion independent business and reward the people that support them, Gabi helped her father create Go Local Austin in 2008. Like most small business owners, Gabi wears many hats. Whether it’s cultivating community relationships, overseeing social media campaigns, or delivering boxes of Go Local cards, Gabi strives to keep alive her father’s passion, wisdom, and philanthropic nature which are the heart and soul of Go Local Austin. Gabi has lived in Austin since 2003. Her interests include drawing, Ayurveda, svara & naada yoga, dance and DIY projects.

Owner Jaya Tuschak graduated from Columbia University with a degree in fine arts and minor in environmental science. After time spent studying in the Biosphere, Jaya turned her attention towards sustainable environments and community living, subjects of much of her fine art at the time. With the launch of Go Local Austin, Jaya was able to put into daily practice many of her values of sustainability.

She oversees finances, customer relations, and many day to day operations for Go Local. She is guided by a lesson from her father (Go Local founder Bob Tuschak), that in business, it’s people that matter first and foremost. Outside the “office,” Jaya enjoys spending quality time laughing and playing with her three children, yoga and painting.