Spring into May

Spring into May with a knock-your-socks-off cold-brewed coffee or just saunter in with an icy  beer.  Your choice!  You can get either at our most recent Go Local member, Apanas Coffee!

Apanas Coffee & Beer

10% OFF (excl. alcohol) with your Go Local card
1007 S Congress Ave, 78704 ~ 11501 Rock Rose, 78758

Apanas Coffee & Beer is a coffee house transparent about its prices paid to the farmers producing the high-quality, organically grown coffee that we serve in the shop. Because of this we have partnered with Farmers to 40 to ensure that a fixed percentage of the price that we pay for a pound of coffee goes right back to the farmers that we source from in Nicaragua. This is roughly double fair trade price, which we believe is a right step forward towards compensating coffee farmers what they truly deserve. The owners of Apanas have personally visited each of the farms they source from to make sure that the quality is some of the highest in the world.

Like the relationships that we have built in Nicaraguan coffee communities, we also believe in building those relationships where we operate. This means that we source locally made sandwiches and baked goods, serve freshly squeezed juices and serve a carefully curated selection of local craft beers

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